Going on  celebrating our fifth year located in the Hartville Market Place, store #1, in beautiful Hartville Ohio. Stefans professional teeth whitening exclusively offers a personal, walk-in, & most effective teeth whitening available, with NO expensive dental office fees. Stefans offers "Bleach Bright" family of products. Bleach Bright products are in every U.S. state, and 32  foreign countries. Bleach Bright pioneered the cosmetic teeth whitening industry. Stefans offers a full line of high end take home products as well as in-house treatments.

I'm sure you have some questions about our product(s) and what exactly we do, or most importantly how can we do it at such an affordable rate compared to dentists and is it as safe as going to a dentist.

You can view our products and information about them under the "service" tab. You can also learn more about us and our business by clicking the "about us" tab. To your left you will see "opening hours" and "contact" where you can view our hours and how to contact us.

Below are a few questions that you may be asking yourself...

Will the gel and peroxide you offer be the same as from my family dentist?       Absolutely. Our partner in the whitening industry supplies a great deal of product to dentist offices throughout the  nation.  Our carbamide peroxide,although at legal limits,are in many cases more potent then what your dentist will supply.      Is our treatment FDA approved ?     YESSS!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                    

Just because it's at a lower price, will it work poorly compared to if I went to a dentist?  Absolutely not! We offer it at a lower price because we don't have as much overhead as a dentist does. It will work the same, as well as making your bank account a little happier. :)

I have sensitive teeth, a cap, veneer, or other tooth like substitute (excluding anything with metal, it's not recommended  If you can take the metal part out though, you're good to go!) can I still do this?                                                                                                                       That's the great part about this product, yes you absolutely can!  We haven t had any  complaints about sensitivity,  As for any enamel substitute it will get back to the color that your dentist made it, we can't whiten it past the original color. This goes for your teeth as well, they won't be whitened past their original whiteness.

How long does this take, and how often do I have to do this?                                                 Our "Original"  $99.00  teeth whitening treatment lasts  6 to 12 months with normal brushing.   One treatment takes 20 minutes, and in that 20 minutes your teeth will get 2-8 shades whiter. Everyone's teeth whiten differently ,so the amount of shades you go varies.